Freak your cat out with Sway magnetically suspended toy

Freak your cat out with Sway magnetically suspended toy

If you have cats at home, then their behavior needs no introduction. They are naughty, very inquisitive about things surrounding them and they love to play a lot especially during the night. It would be wrong to say that at night, they often jump on your bed and start to purr, anticipating your attention so that you might wave up and play with them. What‘s more annoying is the fact that they are very intelligent and quick learners, for they quickly learn the stupid tricks we play to befool them. Cats easily understand what a colored fake mouse is; the jingle bells no more excite them nor do any other moving toys. They would just sit yawning and uninterested as if they are monks who are not interested in this materialistic world. So what to do next as they are less likely to leave you with an option. Kudos to think geeks as they were able to look into such trifle matter and came up with something which only a geek could. Yes, it is the Sway magnetically suspended cat toy.

If you thought it to be just another toy then you must be terribly mistaken. It is “The Toy”, designed taking into account the behavioral habits of a cat. This toy has a ball that hangs on a string that too without anyone holding it, quite strange to the observations of your pet kitty. No one there and the ball moving for itself, what is that, the cat will wonder for sure, for it is moving autonomously without any assistance. Yes, cats are intelligent but not as humans are. They go by their observations rather than logic as most of the animals do. So, it will pounce, swipe and again pounce to understand what the hell is this all about.

When it moves without any external interference, the cat, going by her conditioning, will think of that thing as alive which in turn will surely bring back to life its curiosity. The assumption is not merely based on meek assumptions but facts that have been proven clinically after loads of research. This toy is a result of toiling hard work with attention to details concerning how a cat would anticipate the toy. It is basically a toy in the shape, closely resembling to that of a fish that moves hither and thither without any extrusion of humans. The top and the bottom of this toy are designed to attract the opposite sides of a variety of substances.

The best part is that these can be used along with tables, desks or any other surface you are comfortable letting your cat loose with. It will surely hold the attention of your pet cat and that too for a long period of time. The movement of this Sway Magnetically Suspended Cat Toy is designed in such a manner that it will certainly prove an interactive and unconventional toy for cats and humans alike if they are also taken into account.