Can You Control Who The Alpha Dog Is When You Own Two Dogs

Can You Control Who The Alpha Dog Is When You Own Two Dogs
Can You Control Who The Alpha Dog Is When You Own Two Dogs

A canine proprietor named Beth writes:

Dear Mr. Katz,

I actually have cocker spaniels which are 365 days apart. The red and white woman (Cassie)is almost and spayed. The buff male (Peanut) is just one 1 years old and neutered. Peanut became rescued from a cocker safe haven in October of 1999. He is especially devoted, a excellent listener and brief learner. He is the correct canine as he could be very eager to thrill. Cassie however is the maximum unbiased and stubborn dog I actually have ever encountered (you’ve got likely seen worse). She used to most effective listen to commands when she wanted but I have put a prevent to that. I actually have had numerous problems together with her dominant inclinations but have come a protracted way. She now views me because the alpha and most effective displays aggression when she is in pain – specially when I brush her. She has been recognized with allergies, is on hypersensitive reaction photographs and has bad skin. This isn’t always my problem although as I assume I can work through this one with using the education collar.

ADAM INTERJECTS: It’s very difficult to accurate ache-reaction aggression. It’s more of a response than anything else. Use the muzzle and restrain the canine when you need to give her shots. Other instances (simply so that she would not construct a negative association to the muzzle) placed it on, take it off, and then deliver her a cookie. Do this at random times.

BETH CONTINUES: Cassie shows a variety of dominance aggression closer to Peanut. She growls whilst he tries to choose up a bone close to her and after they play (or fight) she will “hump” him. I continually feed her first, supply her treats first, puppy her first but Peanut simply does not appear to get it. He will walk via the door before Cassie however after me. He is always one head length beforehand of her whilst we walk outdoor. Further, I assume he is attempting to challenge her because the gambling time more currently has turned into preventing. It’s greater barking than whatever — so far there has been no blood. However, Cassie typically is on pinnacle of him, pinning him to the ground, and he shall we out this barking/yelping noise whilst she releases, he is going right after her again till I destroy it up.

She also presentations the equal aggression in the direction of the cat. If the cat comes into her “location” while she is secure in front of the fire or if the cat even walks by way of considered one of her bones she goes loopy. She’ll chase the cat away with growling and speedy running after her.

ADAM INTERJECTS AGAIN: You can accurate this conduct. She will study now not to chase the cat within the house.

BETH CONTINUES: So here’s the massive question. What do I do? Do I maintain to treat Cassie as the subsequent within the percent? Do I let them fight it out? Do I hold to scold her for chasing the cat? HELP!

Any advice you can provide might be an awful lot liked. Your e-book is excellent by using the manner….


Dear Beth:

Thanks for the query.

There is ONE massive factor you’re now not conceptualizing: You can simplest have an effect on your relationship with each canine. You can be dominant to each puppies. Or you can be dominant to most effective one canine. Or you may be regarded as the Omega dog (the most submissive one) via both dogs.

However, you cannot manipulate how your puppies view every other. This is a subject I’ve written about in past troubles of my e-zine. I’m going to reprint it in your advantage:

A subscriber wrote: “Thanks, Adam. I assume I observed the solution. ‘We decide who might be the alpha dog.’ Correct? ”

My reply:

“No, no no! You can’t do that! It’s impossible!!!

The dogs’ temperaments are inherent. Only you could determine in case you’re dominant to the other dogs, through being MORE DOMINANT. But you can’t paintings it out for them.

You can manage the dogs’ behaviors and now not allow any scuffles in case you:

– are the alpha dog inside the %.


– you have got voice manage.

But as soon as you depart the puppies together– unsupervised– and exit for dinner… All bets are off. The dominant one will nevertheless be the dominant one.

Think of taking a collection of 4 children.

Kidnumber 1 will develop as much as be a Navy Seal, after which an Admiral.
Kid#2 will develop as much as be a fierce crook defense legal professional.
Kid#3 will develop up to be a center management executive for a big firm.
Kid#4: will develop as much as be a peace activist and a socialist.

Now, when you go away the residence every day for paintings, you can say, “Kid#four… You are in charge.” And so long as you’re round, Kid#four may get the privileges of being the “so-known as” pinnacle dog.

But as quickly as you leave…

It’s going to be a for the reason that kid#3 and kid#4 are going to be the bottom dogs, and kid #1 and youngster#2 will scrap-it-out to peer who is REALLY the “pinnacle dog.” Their genetics (and to a point, upbringing– relying upon their age) determines this. But it is the hardest youngster who turns into the institution leader.

Even even though child #2 can be pretty tough in his very own right, he’ll take a look at kidnumber one… However will ultimately lose… As kidno 1 is just too tough.

Now, if kidnumber one gets unwell and has to stay in bed, then kid#2 will become the brand new kidno 1.

In different phrases, the “Alpha canine.”

Until you get domestic. Then you’re the alpha dog, and he will become the beta dog.

Get it?

Beth, as some distance as you’ve got described your puppies’ interactions… It doesn’t sound to me like you’ve got a hassle. It sounds much like play, or perhaps a few dominance scuffles. However, with out seeing the dogs in person it is not possible to inform for positive.

That’s concerned about now, oldsters!