How I Take Care of My Cats – 11 Tips


How I Take Care of My Cats - 11 Tips | The Cat Butler

From spending quality time with your cat, undefined brushing your cat, brushing your cat’s teeth, or cleaning the litter box. There are a lot of things you need to do as a cat parent to keep your cat happy and healthy. I am Cat Butler and I love my cats Ragdoll Timo and Arya and will always do my best .

Here’s how I take care of ragdoll cats. Our cats love to spend time with us and it is important to meet their emotional needs. Every day I try to have a good time with Timo and Arya. Sometimes we cuddle up on the couch, take her out on the patio, or give her a massage. Just as with human relationships, it’s time for quality, patience, and genuine interest that foster lifelong bonds and trust.

Make sure your cat knows how special she is to you! Love is stronger than you think it can have a positive effect on our cats. Your cat will emotionally satisfy! I brush Teemo and Arya’s teeth twice daily since they were both kittens. You may ask why? Well, I don’t want Teemo and Arya to lose their teeth.

More than half of cats over the age of three suffer from gum disease that leads to tooth loss. Regularly brushing your cat’s teeth is the most effective way to reduce dental plaque and maintain long-term oral health. Personally, I know many cats who have had their teeth removed and this scares me.

Teemo and Arya promise to keep your teeth healthy for the rest of my life. I agree that brushing your cat’s teeth can be difficult and frustrating. Sometimes I don’t want to do this, but I remind myself of my obligation to my cats. The only times I miss brushing their teeth is when I’m on vacation.

Here is a tip to make brushing easier. I find that using a smaller toothbrush helps a lot. Especially reaching difficult areas such as a cat’s molar. I’ll link to the toothbrush I use and a tutorial on brushing your cat’s teeth in the description below. A good diet is essential to making your cat live longer.

I hope Timo and Arya live a long and healthy life. So I feed my cats a homemade diet of raw meat and every two weeks I spend 4 hours preparing their meals. So what is a raw meat diet? Raw diets are inspired by what a cat eats in the wild and provide the nutrition, protein and water they need to live a healthy life.

It’s healthier than dry food like kibble, which consists mostly of carbohydrates. What about safety? I get my meat from local farms and brands with high safety standards and try to buy organic grass-fed beef and chicken. Choosing high-quality meat from a reputable source and handling the meat carefully can go a long way in eliminating the risk of bacteria.

Since cats are omnivores, they often digest raw foods better than humans because they have shorter, more acidic digestive tracts. Many pathogens pass through cats without causing any problems, but if your cat has a weakened immune system, a raw diet is a no-go. Teemo and Arya’s Raw Meat Balanced Diet is a mixture of organ meats, muscle and bone meat, and bone broth with no added ingredients and some supplements.

I chop each meat into bite-size portions and mix the bone broth with the supplements so that it’s evenly distributed. And to keep Teemo and Arya’s meals enjoyable, I get them every two weeks from Canadian farmed salmon sashimi and local filet mignon. Arya really loves Filet Mignon. It has an expensive taste.

And she knows it. Sometimes she refuses to eat unless I run to the grocery store and get her filet mignon. If you have enjoyed this video so far, please consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell. We make videos to help you become the best cat owner. So please join us! meal time. Our cat’s favorite time of the day.

I feed my cats twice a day and use porcelain and stainless steel bowls to feed my cats. The reason I use porcelain and stainless steel is because it is germ resistant and as a result your cat will be less prone to cat acne. Just like us, cats are prone to getting acne on their chins and plastic bowls are to blame.

Plastic bowls tend to be a breeding ground for bacteria because they scratch easily and I’ll be hooking up the food bowls I use in the description below. Teemo eats very fast and loves to steal Arya’s food. He’s been like this since he was a kitten. As a result, I have to watch them when they eat so that Arya has a chance to eat.

Being a long-haired cat, Teemo and Arya sometimes get stuck in their fur. So I trim my cats’ hair hygienically every month. A hygienic haircut will remove the fur around your cat’s anus. This is useful for long-haired cats or those who have trouble cleaning this area. Shaving their fur helps them stay cleaner.

I use a pet clipper because it is the fastest and safest way to get the job done for my cat. Pet clippers are designed to work longer without overheating and have special blades designed for pet hair. Whenever possible, pet clippers are always preferred over human clippers. Teemo Do you like trimming your butt? I do not think so.

Having a water fountain will likely encourage your cats to drink water, which is important for their health. I clean my cat’s water fountain every week and change her water every two days. Cats are fascinated by running water. The main reason is that they see running water as safe. Standing water is more likely to carry diseases and bacteria while running water is usually fresh and clean.

So keeping the water fountain neat and clean is very important. Finally, I change the filter every month. I am very proactive about Teemo and Arya’s health. We visit the vet twice a year for health checks and do blood work once a year. Regular visits to the vet can help spot life-threatening health conditions before they become a problem.

Well, you look pretty darn good bud. Let’s show your dad your beautiful smile. And the same for her, really clean. You have a better chance of addressing it before it’s too late. For example, blood tests can be used to determine the general health of the liver, kidneys, and other organs. This can help detect common feline illnesses early and help improve your cat’s chances of living longer.

Pet insurance helped greatly with my medical bills. It gives me peace of mind that I’m financially ready to take care of Teemo and Arya if they need it. I’ll link to a video where I detail pet insurance in the description below. I take Teemo and Arya in a pet carrier with a leash inside to keep my cats securely in place.

Having a leash is important. Once when I went to the vet I saw a cat running away from a pet carrier. The veterinary technician did not depress the carrier properly and the panicked cat ran outside. Having a vet not only puts the strain on the carrier and securely puts your cat on a leash will reduce the chances of such a strange accident.

If you are interested in the pet carrier I use, you can check it out at my cat store, I’ll link it to the description below. In addition to the interior leash, the pet carrier is airline approved and made of water-resistant polyester that makes cleaning a breeze. Cats hate dirty litter boxes and may rebel by peeing on your carpet.

Your cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than yours, so a litter box that smells reasonably clean might be totally smelly for your cat Teemo and Arya have giant litter boxes and I scoop them once a day. I use leftover tofu because it is 100% natural and not easily traceable. It is also easy to clean and hides odor well.

I usually fill the cat litter up to 4 inches so the bottom of the litter box doesn’t get too dirty. The box is cleaned once a month. Since the liner is detachable, it is easy to clean and if I am lazy I can replace it with a new one. Playtime provides important exercise for our cats and is a great bonding experience as well.

I play with Teemo and Arya twice a day for 30 minutes each. Some of the toys I use include a feather stick, catnip, or a ball. When cats play this is like hunting in the wild. As a result, it’s important to have toys that look, feel, smell, and move like prey. Your cats will likely be interested in it.

If you are interested in cat toys, you can also check them out at my cat store, I trim my cat’s nails every week to reduce the amount of scratch damage that can happen to me and my furniture. Make sure to use good quality nail scissors as this will make it a lot easier. Cut only the sharp point and be sure to avoid speeding.

It is where the nerves and blood vessels are located. I brush my cat’s hair daily to reduce my cat’s coughing of hairballs, reduce the amount of hair shedding around the house, and reduce the chance of getting a matte coat. Since Teemo and Arya have long hair, this takes a bit more commitment in terms of haircuts.

I hope you have learned a few things about how to care for your cat. Cats are like family and need our love and attention.

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